Thursday, December 18, 2008

time time time

It's 3:26am and what am I doing?? "nothing much".. really "wasting my time" when I should be studying. I just finished a take-home final which i turned in, and now I should be studying for my other final that will start at 5pm tomorrow (or really today).

But you know what?? I really really don't care much about these finals. I care in the sense that I don't want grades to ruin my gpa, and I don't want all my work in class to go in the drain. Yet, I really don't give a hoot to the subject-matter of these classes. FYI, my classes are called: social theory, sociology of work, sociology of entrepreneurship, and nutritional science. I am interested in what I learn, but I get pretty sick of things early on. And studying and working on papers is really too much for me.

I wish I could be those people who can put no time and effort into homework, papers, finals and still do pretty well. But if you give me anything to do, I will just always spend hours on it.. no matter what it is. Why?? I don't know, that's just my habit of doing things. I really wonder why I even try so hard right now. This is more bad than good.

It's ok though. Cuz I've learned to put my guard down and sometimes it's not that I spend hours working intensely on things. I just take my time, and do some other things. And I was just blogging now to put my mind off from that horrid final all about innovation and entrepreneurship. Sick of it now.. why do people make a study out of it?? I just hope I can put this into use someday.. (hehe)

anyways, must sleep.